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Bold Beginnings

Feel good, love life. Those are the feelings behind handcrafted Mateus ceramics and stoneware – designed in Sweden and made in Portugal.

The idea behind Mateus took shape over the course of several years. Portuguese fashion-model-turned-mom Teresa Mateus Lundahl saw design trends shifting in her adopted country Sweden.  Colors and patterns began to make inroads into Swedish homes – and she saw opportunity.

Why not bring together the best of both of her worlds? Why not fuse traditional Portuguese ceramic craftsmanship, Swedish design and contemporary fashion trends into quality products that celebrate the love of life?

With confident resolve, Teresa set off on a never-ending journey called Mateus. Drawing on the old and the new. Blending southern European artisanry with northern styles. Constantly reinventing colors, shapes and patterns to maximize appeal and, ultimately, to celebrate the joy of being together.

Strong Bonds

Teresa and Filippa Mateus Lundahl are the creative forces behind the Mateus brand. This dynamic mother-daughter duo embraces life with gusto.

The Mateus brand was born in 1993 when model-turned-mom Teresa Lundahl decided to fuse her own fashion sense with traditional Portuguese craftsmanship and contemporary Swedish design. Daughter and designer Filippa joined the company in 2014, brimming with energy and ideas for what has always been a part of her life.

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated – and even more so when mixing family with business. Respect, trust and laughter are the key ingredients that hold Mateus together. These bonds and an eye for beauty drive the company forward.

Mother-Daughter Duo / Teresa Lundahl & Filippa Lundahl

Caring for Mateus

To ensure Mateus products keep you company for a long time, care for them well. Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand. No two are ever exactly alike.

Your Mateus ceramics and stoneware are formed from fine-grained clay, a natural porous material. All products are fired at high temperatures to gain the necessary hardness and water resistance for everyday use at home. However, they are not 100% waterproof. So never place your products directly on moisture-sensitive surfaces.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, all Mateus products meet international safety standards. Plus our stoneware moves easily from freezer to oven. Enjoy!

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